- Melanie Chisnall Portfolio -

Content Writing / Copywriting

Social Media 


Create social media copy, manage social media pages, design basic posts for blogs and social media pages
Create copy, design basic images, conceptualise theme, create layout, create reports on engagement
Conceptualise, create, brainstorm, write, research, proofread, edit
  1. Managing Director
    Kleine Parys Website Created copy for each web page
  2. Managing Director
    Teubes Wines - Wine Lable Copy
  3. Managing Director Infographic Research, content, design and layout
  4. Managing Director
    Social Media - Management of Juniva's Pinterst page
  1. Managing Director
    Kleine Parys - Press Release Copy, research
  2. Managing Director
    De Brasserie - Website Copy for each web page
  3. Managing Director
    G Studio - Newsletter Copy
  4. Managing Director
    Career Addict - Article Copy, research, image source, links
  1. Managing Director - Blog Post Copy, research, image source, links
  2. Managing Director
    Imagine You - Blog Post Copy, image source, links
  3. Managing Director
    Imagine You - Newsletter Copy, images, links, design, layout
  4. Managing Director
    All4Women - Newsletter Article content, subject line, headings, layout
  1. Melanie Chisnall
    "I believe that nothing in life is unobtainable; we are all here to teach, explore, learn, and grow in whatever we do. I feel that way about writing. Words have an amazing ability to reach out and connect though a screen (or on a piece of paper). I don't think we're ever too old to change direction, develop new skills, or study something we're not experts in – just look at all the convenient online courses out there! I love writing, learning, and creating."
    Melanie Chisnall