Wine Lable Copy

I provided copy for two of Teubes Wines' wine lables (including the copy below for Lambertsbay's Finest intro section). I also assisted them with proofreading and editing. 

Press Releases

These are two press releases I wrote while working at G Studio Branding Agency
(full press releases available on request)

Headings, One-Liners + Slogans

I enjoy brainstorming to come up with creative and catchy headings, slogans and subject lines for newsletters. These are a few of the subject lines and banner headings I wrote at Juniva this year

Keep your family healthy this autumn
Nip allergies and hayfever in the bud
Remedies for every sniffle and sneeze
Boost your health with a superfood blast
Wave goodbye to brain fog
Fuel up and beat your best
Repeat wellness to your door
Snore loudly or wake up feeling tired?
Yummy, guilt-free winter treats